Thursday, February 14, 2013

Schedule for the Brain Storming on Student Support Services
10:00 am -10.05am
10.05 am-10.10 am
10.10 am -10.30am
Address by Vice Chancellor
10.30 am- 11.00am
Overview about Brainstorming Session
11.00 am-11.15 am
Tea Break
Brainstorming Sessions
11.15 AM – 01.00 PM
Resource Persons
Student Support Services:   Advocacy & Promotion for access and equity.

Sh. D. C. Pant
Prof. A. R. Khan
Dr. V. V. Reddy

Dr. Kameshwari Moorty
Dr. Shubhangi Vaidya
Dr. Hema Pant
Revenue Model of Programme Delivery

Prof. Mahendra P Lama
Prof. C. G. Naidu
Prof. T. U. Fulzele
Dr. A. K. Gaba
Dr. V. P. Rupam
Dr. M.K.Dash
Extending outreach and support services through Public Private Partnership & NGO participation.

Prof. A. K. Singh
Prof.Nawal Kishore
Dr. M. S. Parthasarthy
Dr Purnendu Tripathi
Dr Sunil Gupta

Dr. Indrani Lahiri
Quality concerns in Support Services: Evolving quality benchmark
Prof. Shyam Menon
Prof. C B Sharma
Prof. Manjulika
Dr Sanjeev Pandey
Dr Gulab Jha

Dr K C Dalai
01.00 PM- 02.00 PM
Lunch Break
                                                                                                      2.00 PM- 04.00PM
Best Practices  at RCs/LSCs

Prof. S. C. Garg

Dr. S. K. Ghosh
Dr. P. Sivaswaroop

Dr. Ila Das
Dr Poonam K Singh

Dr. A.N.Tripathi
Issues related to Examination & Evaluation.

Sh. D. C. Pant

Prof. P. Tripathi
Prof. Basanti Pradhan

Dr. Manorama Singh
Dr Q Haider

Dr. H. Sangeeta Majhi
Distribution of SLMs: Alternative Strategies based on Student Satisfaction and cost Benefit Analysis
Prof. Pardeep Sahni

Dr. Srikant Mohapatra
Dr. S K Vyas

Dr. Sanjeev Pandey
Dr. Y. Bhutia

Dr. B. Bhowmik
Utilization of Library Resources at RCs and LSCs
Dr S. S. Jena
Prof Uma Kanjilal
Dr Sudhir Arora

Dr Amit Chaturvedi
Dr Asha Khare

Dr Ranjita Panda
4.00 PM -4.15 PM                                                                                            Tea Break
4:15PM - 5:45PM
Developing Centralized Data Base and web based Support including Social networking.

Prof. Madhu Parhar

Dr. Pankaj Khare
Dr Akshay Kumar

Dr. Murali Rao
Dr V P Rupam

Dr. Manoj Tirkey
Professional development of Academics,  Research activities at Regional Centers

Prof. Santosh Panda

Prof. Ravindra Kumar
Prof. Manjulika Srivastava

Dr. M. Rajesh
Dr. Siran Mukherjee

Dr. S. S. Singh
HR audit of RCs and LSCs

Prof. Rakesh Khurana

Prof. B. B. Khanna
Sh. U S Tolia

Dr. S. Rajarao
Dr. S. Radha

Sh. P. M. Gonmai
Strategies for promoting use of multimedia resources.

Dr. R. Sreedhar
Sh Ravi Kanth
Dr. R. P. Singh
Dr U C Pandey
Dr S K Tripathi

Dr  B. Raja Gopal
9.30 AM -11.15 AM
Emerging new initiatives (Redressal of students grievances through Call Centres, Student Placement Cells and Alumni Meet )

Dr. C K Ghosh

Prof Sudip Ranjan Jha
Dr. J.Kurup

Dr. Amit Chaturvedi
Dr. S. K. Tripathi

Dr. Rita Chauhan

Managing F&A at RC’s and LSC’s

Prof. B. S. Saraswat

Sh. L M Pandey
Dr. D B Negi

Dr. K S Chakraborty
Dr. A. K. Dimri

Dr. Ashok Sharma
School of Studies & RSD interface:
Skill development through ODL: Collaborative Frameworks

Orientation of Academic Counsellors

Prof. P. R. Ramanujam
Prof. C R K Murthy
Dr. Masood Parveez
Dr Manjula Saxena
Dr G. N. Shivakumar

Dr. Bini Toms
11.15 am-11.30 am                                                                           Tea Break
                                                                                                       11.30  -  1.30 pm
Reaching out to the unreached through ICT intervention/Mobile Study Centres/Distance Learning Facilitator.

Dr. Shashi Bhushan
Dr. M. Shanmugam
Dr. U. C. Pandey

Dr. K C Dalai
Dr. Abhilash Nayak

Dr. S. Srinivas

RSD interface with functional Divisions.
Dr. Pankaj Khare
Dr.Gulab Jha
Dr. Ravi Kanth

Er. K.K. Bhat 
Dr. Kalpana Gupte

Dr. Nurul Hassan
Functional autonomy of Regional Centers

Prof  E.Vayunandan

Dr. V.V. Reddy
Dr. B. Sukumar

Dr.P.Ashok Kumar
Dr. V P Rupam
Dr. Santosh Kumari
1.30 pm- 2.30 pm                  Lunch Break
2.30 pm -3.30 pm
About new Schools and Programmes
Director of Schools
Dr. K.D. Prasad
3.30 pm -3.45 pm                    Tea Break
3.45 pm-5.30 pm
Valedictory Session

Report by Chief Rapporteurs –
Dr. Asha Sharma & Dr. V.P. Rupam

1 comment:

  1. Theme- Skill Development through ODL:
    Collaborative Frameworks

    Need based short duration,focused and modular vocational programmes is useful for quick and effective delivery of skill training & development. This will contribute to economic growth and the job prospects .
    The biggest challenge that students do not choose to study in field.

    It is important that a vocational education must allow absorption in industry.
    AICTE, has framed a National Vocational Education Qualification Framework (NVEQF)with the objective to formally integrate vocational education together with its current conventional educational streams across school and higher education space and provide an opportunity and incentives to students to explore a large universe of opportunity.

    IGNOU and AICTE should collaborate to make vocational programs popular.

    - Punam K. Singh
    RD, RC Saharsa